We searched the buildings of our historic centres for one that would inspire us. We found it: fitted more than 50 years ago in the office of a notary public. A ‘living’ wood marked by the passage of time: by the people and objects that it has witnessed over the years.
We faithfully reproduced it, then we cleaned it up until we got back to the original Teak surface. After that, we applied a series of wax treatments to study the new colour shades to include in the range, paying special attention to the darker hues.
As a result, we came up with four colours: natural teak, beige teak, dark beige teak and old teak.
Technology: Coloured body porcelain tiles ISO 13006 – G – BIa (E<0.5%) UNI EN 14411 – G.
Size: 20×180 cm, 60×180 cm, 20×120 cm
Structure and surface: natural, slate cut, matt
Edge: monocaliber, rectified.
Colours: 4 natural, beige, dark beige, old

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