A new project, apparently with two different starting points, is taking shape. Steel, a material that has gone from being considered a product typically used only in industrial contexts, to one that represents a new design solution in both residential and commercial contexts. Fashionable in the ’80s, interior decoration and wallpaper in general have made a strong come-back with characterful solutions. Metallo is so eclectic because, although steel and wallpaper are seemingly very different materials, it harmonizes them, fusing them together in a new creative synthesis. Metallo is on the market in an innovative 90×180 cm format, as well as 90×90 cm and 45×90 cm for completeness, for both flooring and cladding solutions, versatile in use and taste.
This year, LaFaenza finds its highest aspiration in ‘precious living’, setting a goal to develop prestigious projects that can communicate with each other, while maintaining distinct identities and stylistic features; with its eclectic range, Metallo falls perfectly within this conceptual and aesthetic philosophy, while linking with the other two projects, Bianco and Legno, with great synergy.

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