The magic of nature and its ability to create and change its compositional elements was our inspiration. Nirvana’s creative concept began with the idea of wood dried by the sun. Nirvana is available in 3 formats – 60×180, 20×180 and 20×120 – which share the lengthened shape to recall the wooden boards that inspired it.It is extremely versatile, both for floorings and facings and residential and public spaces. Innovative and contemporary, with a vintage feel, Nirvana introduces to the Faenza range a new concept of wood-effect tiles, whose elegance lies in the contrasts of the bold hues and the unique character of the product.
Technology: Coloured body porcelain tile ISO 13006 – G – BIa (E<0.5%) UNI EN 14411 – G.
Structure and surface: structured, matt, natural.
Edge: rectified monocaliber.
Format: 60×180 cm , 20×180 cm , 20×120 cm.
Colours: 4  beige, white, grey, black.
Recommended use
Residential flooring and facing.
Light commercial flooring and facing.

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