This collection’s desire to go one step further is expressed in its name. Overcome is a hi-tech ceramic product that offers an important difference in terms of performance compared to traditional products on the market. It also boasts the 100% GUARANTEED seal, which certifies that all Leonardo technical products are created exclusively from a mixture of prime noble materials, without any digital surface decoration, and which can be used in any context and substantially forever. The result is an industrial style concrete effect created in full-body porcelain stoneware, in which every piece is different as small multicolour grains appear almost randomly on the surface, as well as flakes in a range of medium light to medium dark tones in relation to the background colour. The technological research conducted on the product has also allowed a new finish to be perfected: LLL– Honed, Polished, Resplendent – that revolutionises the aesthetic results and the duration of the gloss product. As the LLL product is a pure concentrate of raw materials without any kind of surface decoration, it can be restored at any time to eliminate eventual surface marks generated by years of footfall. Overcome is a project with a decisive and distinctive style that offers the highest levels of technical performance to satisfy today’s increasingly demanding requirements in the world of design. As such, it can be used in any residential and commercial context, from private flats to airports.

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