Consisting of two apparently different surfaces, Take Care is the result of a harmonious interchange. In Take, we see the continuous spatula finish between the resin and the cement, enriched by materials with varying reflective qualities. The finish is soft, almost velvety and depending on the type of light, can have an iridescent effect. Care has a more hybrid identity, like a natural fabric reworked to give a more tactile effect. It is the result of an innovative processing technique with intermixing substances that produce glossy, reflective and textured effects.
Take Care comes in large, thin slabs, with the combination of the two finishes giving the surfaces a simple aesthetic, a light but non-intrusive accent on walls and floors. Five colours are available in dusted and neutral shades, with warm and cool tones, that allow a perfect visual fusion between the two textures.
Lea Ceramiche, confirming its commitment to design, also incorporates Pad decors by French designer Patrick Norguet in the collection; Tamis and Oakland are two abstract patterns with irregular and imprecise lines, also made in ultra-thin sheets of 3m x 1m.

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